192,000 kg of cow dung going from India to Kuwait amid Nupur Sharma Row

India recently faced severe criticism from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the rest of the Arab countries for the controversial remarks made by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. However, under these controversial circumstances, 192,000 kg of cow dung is being exported from India to Kuwait. Sources said the dung is being sent to Kuwait for organic farming. On Wednesday, June 15, the first batch of dung from Kanakapura railway station left for Kuwait. It is also learnt that the work of packaging the dung is going on under the supervision of the customs department. 

The dung is being sent from a cowshed in Jaipur. The dung is being exported to a private company in Kuwait. An agreement has already been made between the two countries in this regard, the sources said. A lot of research is going on about dung across the country. Several studies have also claimed that in addition to increasing the production of crops, eating crops grown using cow dung can get rid of various diseases. 

In Kuwait too, research on organic farming using cow dung has been going on for a long time. The main disadvantages of agriculture in Kuwait are the dry climate and the lack of adequate water. And that is why Kuwait has focused on organic farming using cow dung fertilizers.

Atul Tiwari

Atul Tiwari

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