Company pays Rs 1.5 lakh to release cockroaches into your house | Companies News

Company pays Rs 1.5 lakh to release cockroaches into your house | Companies News

New Delhi: If someone offered you Rs 1.5 lakh, would you agree to live with cockroaches? As strange as it may appear, this is an offer from a pest management company in the United States that wants to research how cockroach infestations work in homes. The Pest Informer has posted the details of the offer on its website, stating that they intend to release American Cockroaches into the homes of customers who agree to test out a certain pest management approach in order to determine how effective it is.

The Pest Informer, based in North Carolina, is offering $2,000 to homeowners in the United States in exchange for 100 cockroaches being released into their houses. Read More: National Pension System’s queries to get resolved on WhatsApp now

In a statement, the company stated it is looking for 5-6 people who are willing to let them release 100 cockroaches into their homes. Read More: New Aadhaar data leak exposes 11 crore Indian farmers’ sensitive info

The goal is to try out new ways to get rid of cockroach infestations.

The trial will run about a month, and the company will send out pest control professionals to remove the insects using traditional ways.

There are, however, some restrictions that participants must meet. According to the website, it requires written agreement from the homeowner, who must be at least 21 years old, and the house must be located in the continental United States.

It is also stated that householders are not permitted to use any other pest-control methods during the 30-day period. However, if the new technique does not clean out the infestation by the end of the 30-day period, the company pledges in its article that it would apply standard cockroach treatment alternatives.

Because of their strong shell and durability, as well as the speed with which they multiply, American cockroaches are tough to eradicate, according to PestWorld. One female American cockroach may generate two egg cases each week at her peak, according to Pestech, a New York pest management business. Each container contains approximately 16 eggs that hatch in 24 to 38 days.

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