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Male, female mice hearts respond differently to 'fight or flight' hormone, could have implication fo

Male and female hearts respond differently to the stress hormone noradrenaline, a study conducted in mice has found, which may have implications for human heart disorders like arrhythmias and heart failure and how different sexes respond to medications.

The study conducted at University of California (UC) Davis, US, revealed that male and female mouse hearts respond uniformly at first after exposure to noradrenaline. However, some areas of the female heart returned to normal more quickly than the male heart, which produced differences in the heart's electrical activity.

According to the study, the team built a new type of fluorescence imaging system that allowed them to use light to see how a mouse heart responds to hormones and neurotransmitters in real time. The mice were exposed to noradrenaline, also known as norepinephrine.