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Nipah outbreak | Number of cases rises to six in Kozhikode

The tally of individuals affected by the Nipah virus has risen to 1,080, with 624 falling into the high-risk category, including 327 healthcare workers. In a recent development, another person has tested positive for Nipah in Kozhikode district, Kerala, bringing the total number of infected individuals to six.

Additionally, lab tests have confirmed that E. Mohammedali, the initial patient who passed away on August 30, was indeed infected with Nipah. Unfortunately, his body fluid samples couldn't be dispatched earlier. However, a throat swab, which had been preserved at a private hospital where he had been admitted, was eventually located and sent for testing. The results were disclosed on Friday. The infection is reported to have spread within this private hospital. Notably, 30 samples from healthcare workers at this facility have tested negative for the virus, and a total of 100 samples have been forwarded for lab analysis.

A team of Central officials visited Kallad near Kuttiadi, where Mohammedali's residence is situated. They conducted inspections at his house, a relative's house, and the farms in the backyard, where he is suspected to have been. They also examined the fruit plants on the premises and gathered information about his occupation and other details from family members. Representatives from the State Health department and local health authorities accompanied the team.

Health Minister Veena George previously mentioned that the condition of the 39-year-old Cheruvannur native, who tested positive for the virus on Friday morning, remains stable. He had come into contact with Mohammedali while the latter was receiving treatment at the hospital, where he had been acting as a caregiver for another patient.

The individuals who have contracted the virus include Mohammadali, 47, of Maruthonkara, who passed away on August 30, and M. Haris, 40, of Ayancheri, who succumbed on September 11. Among those currently receiving treatment are Mohammedali's nine-year-old son, his 24-year-old brother-in-law, and a 24-year-old healthcare worker. The count of individuals on the contact list for the infected has now reached 1,080, with 624 categorized as high-risk, including 327 healthcare workers.