Noida Authority slashes parking rates at Sector 18 market, check new rates

New Delhi: In a big relief to shoppers, the Noida authority reduced the parking rates for multi-level as well as surface parking at Sector 18 market on Saturday (May 29, 2022). The step was taken by the Noida authority after persistent demands from traders and shoppers visiting the area. The reduced rates will be implemented on both, surface and multi-level parking lots.

Now the shoppers will have to pay Rs 20 for four-wheelers and Rs 10 for two-wheelers parking for 30 minutes, while for parking up to four hours, four-wheelers owners will be charged 50 and two-wheelers owners will have to pay Rs 25. 

According to the authority, there are 34 surface parking lots in the market the sector that can accommodate around 750 four-wheelers and 500 two-wheelers. On the other hand, the multi-level parking can accommodate 3,000 vehicles at a time.

Earlier, the parking rate set by the authority was Rs 50 for four-wheelers and Rs 25 for two-wheelers for two hours, and this was the minimum rate. Above this, up to four hours, the rate was Rs 150 for four-wheelers and Rs 75 for two-wheelers.

Notably, the cost of monthly passes for surface parking has also been reduced. Earlier, it was Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,500 for four-wheelers and two-wheelers respectively, and now it has been reduced to Rs 4,000 and Rs 2,000. 

Atul Tiwari

Atul Tiwari

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