Will remove Madrasa Service Commission If…: Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay

New Delhi: Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay has warned of the removal of the Madrasa Service Commission if there are new irregularities. “If we find new irregularities, we will remove the Madrasa Service Commission,” the judge ordered. He also ordered the Madrasa Service Commission to pay a fine of Rs 70,000. In 2010, the Madrasa Teachers’ Recruitment Act had priority for those trained. However, they were deprived in the recruitment process of 2013-14. The recruitment irregularities case is based on this complaint.

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During today’s hearing, the judge ordered a fine of Rs 70,000. This fine will have to be paid by 7 people who will each pay Rs 10,000.

The judge, in addition, mentioned that priority should be given to those who have filed a case in future appointments. There are laws to give priority to those who are specially trained or trained. But the recruitments made in 2013-14 did not give priority to the 2010 Act i.e., specially trained or trained. Such complaints have been made several times against the Madrasa Service Commission. In today’s (June 14) hearing, the judge said that the case has come up twice in his court in the past. He has warned the Madrasa Service Commission that such a complaint shouldn’t be made for a third time.

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