About Us

about us

ARKMANIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a student centric educational web portal which provides quality test papers and study materials for the students preparing for CBSE or targeting various entrance / competitive exams. During past few years, several surveys on students were made to better understand their problems regarding their studies and their basic requirement. This website is basically a conclusive solution of the surveys. Test and study materials are according to the student’s needs.

We are working for free education so that all the students can have access to the content and use it to get successful in their lives. We are trying to provide maximum help in the field of NCERT solutions, CBSE Material, Test Papers, Assignments, Study material of different subjects. Till now we are providing free study material, book solutions, notes, sample papers and much more.

We also know that fitness training is most important for every person specially who are young, If you preparing for any exam be mentally and physically strong otherwise you get failure.

Our goal is to see you a successful person. For this we provide best information.

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