Find Right Business Suitable to Your Date of Birth

Find Right Business Suitable to Your Date of Birth

Some people do extremely well in a particular kind of business while others fail in the same line. There must be some criterion to decide which business may bring promising results to whom?

Selecting the right business is the first step toward success in a business. It is very important that the person does a business suitable to him, bringing success and prosperity to that person. But how to know which line of business suits a person the best? And in fact, does business suit a person, or is job a better option Astrology explains a business’s suitability to a person based on their birth chart. Everything around us operates as per the likings of our planets, and yes, it’s proven! If we follow the guidelines given in our birth chart regarding our career, we will definitely succeed. Let’s explore how astrology may help you find the most suitable business as per your date of birth.

Astrology for success in business

Our birth Chart ultimately decides what is beneficial for us. We all are born with a unique placement of planets in our birth chart that tend to influence every part of our life, including business and career. This specific placement owes to our birth date. Astrology revolves around the placement and effects of planets as placed in different houses and Nakshatras. For determining the most suitable business for a person, an astrologer needs to decide upon the following points:

  • Whether a person should choose a business or job?
  • What business lineis best for the natives as per their birth date?
  • When is the best time to start a business?
  • Whether Partnership or sole ownership would suit the person more?
  • Should loans be taken?
  • What should be the name of the business firm?

A good astrologer analyzes the birth chart as obtained through prescribing the birth date of a person. First, the astrologer confirms the business yoga and then proceeds to decide upon the best suitable business line. The simple rule is to assess the strength of the 6th house and the 7th house, which are the houses of job and business, respectively. The 10th house, of course, is the main house of career in Astrology, but it has to influence either the 6th or 7th house to decide upon the suitability of a job or business. If the 6th house is more prominent, the native is advised to go for a job and for business if the 7th appears to be stronger.

Then, there are several houses meant for assessing the wealth of a native. Strong Dhan yoga in a kundli often indicates a business. The risk-taking capacity, social relations, mental attributes, natural inclinations, external support, financial prosperity, intelligence, etc., are some of the factors that need to be analyzed carefully. Moreover, every sign, house, and planet has certain natural specifications influencing business choice. Thus, not just any specific house but the houses of the whole kundli should be analyzed carefully to get a hint of the best business for a native.

Which sign is good in business?

Astrology is not that simple; many things go together to come to a single conclusion. No sign can be labeled as a best sign for doing well in business. Though natural tendencies or personality traits motivate certain zodiac signs towards business, planetary effects completely change the game. So, all signs are equally good for business or a job. Based on the natural characteristics, we may categorize different zodiac signs under these business preferences:

  • Aries- It suits well for a commission-based business, advertising, manpower supply, broadcast, and related fields.
  • Taurus- The business related to jewelry, luxury items, flowers, public service, hospitality, designing, catering, etc.
  • Gemini- Business in the stock market, travel industry, manufacturing and supply, technology gadgets, hardware, machinery manufacturing, social networking, etc.
  • Cancer- Businesses involving plants, children, and taking care of people and animals would be the best choice for you.
  • Leo- Business like tourism, interior decorator, real estate agent, seller, fashion designer, government posts, etc.
  • Virgo- You may excel in editing, teaching, writing, technical company, translator, statistics organization, detective agency, etc.
  • Libra- You are good at establishing and maintaining relations. You may run a music team, supervisory agency, travel agency, diplomatic organization, etc.
  • Scorpio- Education related to medical, hospitality, lawyer, detective agency, etc., are most suitable for you.
  • Sagittarius- Business related to travel, entertainment, outdoor, public relations, teaching, consultancy, veterinary training, etc.
  • Capricorn- You will excel in the business related to management, editing, workforce organization, banking, IT sector, and science.
  • Aquarius- Business involving social services, large organizations, NGOs, etc.
  • Pisces- You may excel in foreign trade, multinational companies, and travel.

Can I select business using astrology

Yes! It a wise decision to do business using astrology as per the significations of the planets influencing your house of career and wealth. But consult an astrologer who does not consider only your Zodiac sign, not only one planet or only 10th house as explained above. Before meeting an astrologer, it will be worth reading a relevant and interesting story and should know how business astrology can help you.

This decision will remain with you for life so please make sure you not making a wrong decision or being made to take a wrong decision.Understand a bit, some common points what any good astrologer should consider before giving any advice to us, then only rely on astrology for business success. Any specific query, connect with my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.


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