‘Trying to change the history? You can’t…’, Bihar CM mocks Amit Shah

New Delhi: Historians have given more and unfair importance to the Mughals. But the Mauryas, Guptas and Pandyas did not have a place in their writings. Therefore, it is necessary to create a ‘correct information’ picture of ancient India. This is what Union Home Minister Amit Shah said a few days ago. Since then, the debate on Indian history has begun. Opposition parties, including the Congress, have spoken one after the other.

In such a situation, Amit Shah has been singled out by BJP’s alliance partner in Bihar and Chief Minister of the state Nitish Kumar. 

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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was present at a function in Patna on Monday (June 13). There came the context of Amit Shah’s allegations of bias against historians. Nitish said, “History will remain what it is. How can anyone change history? I don’t understand, are you (Amit Shah) trying to change history? The linguistic differences are another matter. But you can’t change the original history. ”

According to political analysts, despite being an alliance partner in Bihar, Nitish’s relationship with the saffron camp is widening. While the BJP and JD(U) are together keeping in mind political interests, their stand is completely different in terms of principle. Recently, the BJP has demanded to bring an anti-conversion law in Bihar. But Nitish Kumar refused to accept that demand. Not only that, the two sides also had a dispute over the census on the basis of caste. 

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Amit Shah, who attended a book launch event in Delhi on Friday, said, “Historians have only given importance to mughals and have written about them. In reality, the Pandyas have ruled for almost 800 years. The life span of the Ahom empire in Assam was at least 650 years. The Ahoms defeated Bakhtiyar Khilji and Aurangzeb. The reign of the Pallava and Chola empires was about 600 years. The Mauryas ruled from Afghanistan to Lanka. The Guptas ruled for four hundred years. Samudragupta made the first attempt to create a ‘United India’. But there are no books about them.”

Significantly, the central government is on the backfoot for BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s recent remarks on Hazrat Mohammad. In the face of a lot of criticism at home and abroad, the country’s government has softened the tone a lot. 

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